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Friday, October 31, 2008


I was planning to get a ton stitched on Tues when I had the day off for a medical test (I'm mostly fine, so no real worries). I got a bunch done on that new Sunny Day Cat project before I left. I was thinking I might be able to stitch while I was getting pictures taken of my innards, but no such luck. They wanted me to hold still - pooh on them ;-).

When I got home I started doing a bit more on the Cat, but then we lost power. I called in the loss to our power company and thus started the SAGA of getting power back on. We were slated to have it off until Sunday night. So instead of stitching these last few days I've been on the phone with our local officials and various people to try to get the service people out to the house.

It all paid off with our power coming back on Thursday at noon. Unfortunately we lost a bit of food, but really it wasn't all that bad. We like roughing it, so we had all of the bases covered. We were really worried about a fellow who lives down the street who needs power for his medical equipment and to feed his chickens. We live out in the country, so no one is on municipal water, so we can't get water when the power is out. Our other neighbors were having a tough time getting their cows and horses a drink. It was a good team building exercise.

Either hoo, I was able to get the next section of the Mystery Stitch Along done. Photos of that to come after the weekend. I know - I'm a bum lately with the pics. I can post the photo from a recent exchange - the Thanksgiving Exchange from Fair Squares.

This is the piece I sent:

And this is the piece I received:
I love this sheep in turkey's clothing. Now I need to think of a suitable way to finish it!!

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