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Sunday, October 5, 2008


I didn't quite get the Quaker square done today. All I have left is the alphabet on this little guy, but I needed to take a break from sitting on the couch. I ended up spending the day assembling a couple of projects.

First I completed the project I received for the Halloween exchange on Fair Squares. I did it as a little ornament so I could hang it up at work. A couple of my new coworkers are really into Halloween, so I figured they'd get a kick out of it.

Then I finished the squares I got for the Round 9 exchange. I'm going to be so set for X-mas this year! I love this one.

In both cases I assembled the signature square on the back of the ornament so I won't forget who made them for me.

A few days ago I also assembled one of my projects from earlier in the year. I ended up making my sampler into a floss pouch. It's currently stuffed with all of the floss for Fractal 170. (I might have a few too many projects in the offing.)


Paula C. said...

Nice finishes! I really need to work on finishing my squares so I can put them on my tree THIS year, lol!

Jenn Entropy said...

Thanks :-). It was hard for me to set aside all the projects I'm working on to get the squares assembled, but I was running out of room :-D.

Shadowspun said...

Okay, those floss pouches are a good idea. I tend to collect pecil and cosmetic bags and use them to organize my projects. Each project , including fabric gets one and I can just grab it as I need it.

A stitched floss pouch would look cool, though.