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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last night, despite exhaustion trying to overtake me, I ended up finishing my next stitching exchange project. The photo for that will show up soon after my partner receives it. I've got a couple more of those to wrap up, hopefully before the end of the month, or soon after.

I'm very excited because my dog (a large German Shepherd) and I passed a certification test for the sport of tracking last weekend. The goal is to let the dog sniff something left by a person and then follow a 490'-500' track they left in a field to another item they left in the field. The dog is then supposed to indicate that the item is on the ground. At that point we all jump around for joy. Now that he's been certified by a judge we can enter a test and see if we can earn a title through the American Kennel Club. Training for this is how I've been spending a lot of my weekend time.

As of today I'm even more excited about this because I just found out that he's been accepted into a test next weekend. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll get that title! I think I'll go channel the nervousness into some stitching :-).

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