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Monday, October 13, 2008

Free Day :-)

I have the day off work today. I'm expecting a friend of mine to be stopping in soon to do some tracking with the dogs. Then I have plans to work a bit more on the abstract. I ended up getting a lot done over the last couple of days despite messing around the house on other projects, having visitors, playing outside with the fuzzy monsters and generally being a bum.The last two sections took a while because of all the color changes, but now I'm getting back into the fast stuff. Wheee.

I got the next installment of the mystery stitch along. I'm hoping to pull an hour together today to get that done also. It's good to keep on top of these things :-).


Shadowspun said...

Abstract is looking great. I still haven't gotten any of the silk for mine.

Oh, and would you believe, I haven't even finished the second part of the MSAL and I'm the one sending the pieces out!? I keep finding other things I must do first. Honestly, I'm not feeling like stitching much lately and have been doing more reading.

Jenn Entropy said...

HI! I saw both of your comments but have been swamped with the new jobs. Thank goodness I'm enjoying them! I'm stalled out again on the abstract - I have some exchange projects I'm working on. I think I'll be taking a break from that soon.

Take a break! Get a nice warm drink and curl up with the MSAL for a couple of minutes!! :-)

I need to wander off to catch up on people's blogs! It's a good thing you're around to remind me to pay attention :-D.