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Thursday, November 27, 2008

They're Starting to Come Together

The numerous projects I've been working on are all seeming to be finishing up at the same time. This morning I wrapped up the 6th installment of the Mystery Stitch Along. I couldn't really see what it looked like until I took the photo - my brain was stuck in the details and was missing the big picture.
This was stitched on Tutti Fruitie from Silkweaver. The yellows, pinks and blues are fun. I have another 1/2 of the fabric I can use for other projects. Maybe a few biscornus?

This afternoon I finished up a little piece I've been working on.
It's from the Heartstruck Friends chart from Midnight Stitching. There's another one in blues that I'm planning to work on after I wrap up a few more of these extant projects.

Stitch on...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Competition

The office I work at is hosting an art show of the employees work next week. I couldn't resist entering 2 pieces for $2.

I entered the Spring Hat, which got a 2nd place at the state fair:
From 2008 Finishes

I also entered a piece I finished a while ago:
From Pre-2006 Finishes

I just got the last installment on the Mystery Stitch Along. Maybe I'll work on that tonight. I'm not up for anything super exciting - too much exercising this morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two Ornaments to Go...

I got the stitching bug back this week. I finished the next ornament in the Twelve Days series and have made a good start on the 11th. I'm getting a little sick of stitching the border. It disturbs me a bit that I have the pattern memorized at this point. My husband has decided to call this one (10 Lords) "Angry George Washington with Googly Eyes".

I also finished a large portion of the Sunny Day Cat needlepoint I've been working on. The needlepoint is satisfying in that it gets done quickly, but I definitely prefer cross stitch. It doesn't look nearly as nice as the cross stitch projects do in my view. Still it's a nice change from what I've been doing.
I also did a little on the Autumnal Abstract, but didn't feel that it was photo worthy yet. When I get through the next set of blocks on the chart crease I think it will be time for another progress pic.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

X-mas Projects

I got back to work with week on a few outstanding projects. The fifth installation of the Mystery Stitch Along for the LJ Stitching Community came in and I was able to stitch it up. I'll post a photo of that when I'm done in two weeks.

Also, I was able to get the first of my Christmas stitching presents done. Of course no pics of that until it's been gifted :-(.

But I did get the next ornament done in my 12 Days series. This one is the 9 Ladies. I've also started 10 Lord and hope I'll be finishing that one up this afternoon.

I need to get all of my started projects finished so I can clan up the dining room table for when my parents visit in January. *fingers crossed*

Monday, November 10, 2008

Check Please

Ooh my award money from the NY State Fair was deposited today! Of course I already spent that award money on supplies :-).

Far Far Away

My Round 10 partner, who lives way on the other side of the globe, received my Round 10 exchange squares in the mail. So here's the finish:
This one was mostly back stitching, satin stitches and mosaic stitches. I used some x-stitches for the signature block. The colors were a blast to work with.

I've got everything but my actual name on the X-mas round project and made headway on some gift projects this morning.

Right now: I'm going to shut up and go stitch.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Penultimate Squares

I finished the November Quaker Square this afternoon. Only one more to go!

I've been using scrap fibers for the rest of the squares, but wasn't happy with what I had in my stash for this one so I ended up getting a new color for it. I opted for The Gentle Art's "School Yard". It was a fun color to work with.For the rest of the day I'll be finishing up the signature block for an exchange project I'm working on and hopefully getting a bit more done on the Autumnal Abstract. I did work on the abstract for a couple of hours this morning :-). I'm over 1/2 way done on that one now! Maybe I'll be able to wrap it up by the end of the year. Maybe...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holiday Squares

Yesterday the last set of exchange square for the year came in. What a great way to cap off the season! Heidi B stitched this wonderful set for me. I'm a big fan of snowmen since I love winter. I'm really looking forward to finishing this off in time for display when the snow flies (I better hurry!).
Last night was the bimonthly stitch in at A Stitcher's Garden. We had a wonderful time as always. I worked on a couple of x-mas ornaments and started my November Quaker Square (will post finish soon!). I also picked up a few Heart in Hand Wee Ones charts. I grabbed a handful of snowman patterns and also some patterns in the bird series. These smalls are great! Not that I have any idea when I'll get to them. My backlog is getting a mite bit scary.

Off I go to take up more stitching!