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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two Ornaments to Go...

I got the stitching bug back this week. I finished the next ornament in the Twelve Days series and have made a good start on the 11th. I'm getting a little sick of stitching the border. It disturbs me a bit that I have the pattern memorized at this point. My husband has decided to call this one (10 Lords) "Angry George Washington with Googly Eyes".

I also finished a large portion of the Sunny Day Cat needlepoint I've been working on. The needlepoint is satisfying in that it gets done quickly, but I definitely prefer cross stitch. It doesn't look nearly as nice as the cross stitch projects do in my view. Still it's a nice change from what I've been doing.
I also did a little on the Autumnal Abstract, but didn't feel that it was photo worthy yet. When I get through the next set of blocks on the chart crease I think it will be time for another progress pic.

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