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Thursday, November 27, 2008

They're Starting to Come Together

The numerous projects I've been working on are all seeming to be finishing up at the same time. This morning I wrapped up the 6th installment of the Mystery Stitch Along. I couldn't really see what it looked like until I took the photo - my brain was stuck in the details and was missing the big picture.
This was stitched on Tutti Fruitie from Silkweaver. The yellows, pinks and blues are fun. I have another 1/2 of the fabric I can use for other projects. Maybe a few biscornus?

This afternoon I finished up a little piece I've been working on.
It's from the Heartstruck Friends chart from Midnight Stitching. There's another one in blues that I'm planning to work on after I wrap up a few more of these extant projects.

Stitch on...

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