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Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year! Good Year?

Welcome to 2019! My goal for this year is to not take any classes for credit for work . Not that I don't love learning, but I would like to live a little poutside my work hours for a bit! And I would like to take some classes in stitching and quilting!

In the first week of this new year I put together a full quilt top. This is my first ever big quilt. I still need to sandwich, baste, quilt and bind small feat. I'm pretty excited about this.
I saw this pattern online and figured out how to assemble it without a pattern. I'm feeling pretty good about how it looks. I learned so much assembling this. My next quilt top should be even better! I have one that I am planning to complete for my bed, but I wanted to try something else first so I don't mess up too much on the one I will be sleeping with every night.

I also finished up the last of the Zodiac sign projects which I bought from Thailand.
I find it amusing that the Thai company did Zodiac signs. It came out pretty good.

I am in the middle of studying for some certification exams, so I won't be able to stitch a lot during the first quarter of the year. But I am planning to start another letter in the art deco alphabet (Black & White) and finish Thy Needle.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

A Little Quilting

So just a short little post as all the holiday hub-bub is keeping me quite busy.

I decided to try quilting again now that I have my new sewing machine. This week I made my first real quilt block. It may end up going in a full size quilt, or I may make a pillow cover from it and some other peices I have, or something else entirely. I am practicing for the quilt I decided to make for my bed.
I am rather amazed at how it came out!

I hope everyone's holidays are amazing...and 2019 holds nothing but good in store!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Fun Mini Finish and a Field Trip

This week was a little more settled than last week. It was a welcome break! I was able to do some work on my Thy Needle WIP (sorry, no photo yet). I also made a little ornament on some perforated paper I found:
I discovered working on silver performated paper rates with stabbing yourself in the eye with a spoon. The reflection off the paper was difficult to work with using indorr lighting. This might have been better made during the summer on a lovely 75 degree day while sitting under a tree in the shade. But now I am wiser...and have a cute little ornament. I decided not to finish the back of it so the lights from my tree would twinkle through the holes. It looks fantastic up. I do suggest using the perforated paper for ornaments because finishing is as easy as trimming the edges, but again not with strong indoor lighting on reflective paper.

I also got around to purchasing a hardanger pattern that looks amazing (Winter Wonderland) and retrieved the 3rd in the Summer House Stitche Workes Fun and Fancy Free series from my local shop:
Also, I assembled a puzzle (which you can see in the background above). 

I even found some time to go to A Stitcher's Garden bi-monthly stitch in last night! It was great seeing everyone and enjoying some odd and interesting conversation while stitching the night away!

Today is a cleaning and studying day, but I will hopefully be working a bit on stitching tomorrow :-D.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Little Fishees and Thy Needle

The last few weeks have been quite busy. It seems that everyone I speak with feels like they are in over their head with tasks. Likely it is in part due to the early season winter storms that came through. I thought I was prepared for winter; I had brought everything in, emptied my exterior water pipes, and even gotten all of my snow gear out. However, living in a town house for 6 years and an apparent for 2 years before that made me forget one important item: no one would be coming to clear my driveway! So it snowed and I woke up to 8 inches and got my shovel and went out to clear my driveway...and remembered that I just had shoulder surgery and can't shovel. Surprise! Of course this was the day before I was scheduled to have my snow tires swapped in.

I muddled through thanks to a delightful neighbor who brough his snow blower over and then pushed my car out of the driveway. I ordered a snow blower which I assembled today (40 degrees and rainy for that). I even ordered some snow melt. Good for me.

Despite all of the busy between work and the catch-up winter prep (the snow really was gorgeous and so much less mud in my house), I still was able to get in a bit of stitching.

Over last weekend I finished another mini project (even though I said I wasn't going to do another). It ended up going to a co-worker for her son's room:
I also spent most of that weekend learning how to assemble a quilt from the tops I made about 2 years ago:

The Christmas one is now hanging from my stairwell:
It turns out that I am maybe not so awesome at quilting yet. I plan to get better, but don't yet know when I will be able to budget some time to work on that. I have some exams I probably should get around to studying for first.

During the week I tried to make a little time to stitch and was able to get some work done on my Thy Needle project:
Currently I'm taking a quick break from it all to work on a jigsaw puzzle and enjoy the sun through the window.

Happy stitching!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Side Project

I ended up wanting to do a project that would come together quickly. And so this is what I did between Friday and just a few minutes ago...
...and now back to our regularly scheduled project :).

Friday, November 16, 2018

Winter is Here!

Last night winter came on strong. I went to bed with a few flakes in the air and woke up this morning with eight inches of snow and a few flakes running through it:
The dogs were having a great time running through the snow. I get the feeling we will lose most of this over the next day since it is predicted to rain, but I definitely enjoyed the winter wonderland. One of my neighbors was kind enough to clear my driveway with his snowblower as I still can't quite shovel due to my shoulder injury. Soon I should be back to doing all of the things I need to with both arms functioning.

In the mean time I still have been able to get some stitching time in. This week I completed the letter A in Black & White. I love how the shading in the stitching came out. I used Week's Dye Works Eggplant on a Silkweaver solo.
I have the letter R ready to go. But I made myself a promise that for every two letters I could work on another project. I started Thy Needle from The Primitive Needle (tribute to this delighful designer here). I have been meaning to work on this cute little project for years. I just have a bit done, but it is really coming together:
Next week the holiday season officially begins with my trip to Boston for Thanksgiving. Then I will be back to studying for a bit as I have some certification exams to address. But my projects will always be there for me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Vacation...Keeping my Hands Busy

I have been on vaction this week. It has been my first vacation since sometime in the last decade where there was no plan to do something specific. No spending the week painting a new house, no trip with a bunch of people I am only moderately interested in spending time with, and no sporting event. This time I spent the first week sitting around my house and now will spend the next few days visting Maine to see if I can spot a moose. That isn't to say that I have been sitting here doing nothing. I have been going to PT for my shoulder, running errands, puttering around the house cleaning and organizing, and taking care of all the stuff that piles up when you are busy driving back and forth to that job thing. I am so excited that I finally feel like I have some control over my home space. Yes!

Meanwhile, it hasn't been all cleaning, errands, and painful arm exercises. I have been able to stitch!!!! I was able to spend a day hanging out at the stitching shop with Gail and Pat and friends from the local stitching retreats. I bought more floss. I have been bringing my stitching everywhere and spending my free time stitching. I even fnished some projects.
On the 22nd I finished the letter "D" in the art deco Dessins DHC series "Black & White". On the 23rd I started letter "A" and can't believe the progress I have made:
This is stitched on a Lugana 32 count Silkweaver solo in Weeks Dye Works "Eggplant".

Gail was awesome and let me have some of her left over fabric from the March stitching retreat. My dog ate the last piece of the project I was working on back in the spring. With my move and all of the upheaval I have had this summer with classes and work I wasn't able to catch up with her. But this week I was able to get the tiny tiny piece of fabric and finish the pin cushion for the project:
It only took a couple hours from beginning to end. What a satisfying project! The completed pieces from the retreat look amazing together:
Only a few days left to power through some stitching, then it's back to studying, working and PT. But maybe with a bit more balance?