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Friday, March 30, 2018

Time for Me to Fly..

I'm getting ready to move in the next week. It's been crazy getting everything ready for the new house between the paperwork, the packing, and trying to get things set to move my pack of dogs and the cat. Today I was able to take some time to relax a little and finish the last project in my current house. It's just a little that I received at a previous stitching retreat, but I think it will make a nice cover for a coaster box at the new place.
Also, my dog helped me work on my projects a bit last night by eating a needle and about 14" of thread. But I learned a neat little trick to get thst all through the pup: feed him a handful of cotton balls soaked in mineral oil. It collected all the thread and everything came out (pun intended) alright today! Whew!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Some Assembly Required

I was able to finish stitching the last piece of Grandma's Heart while I was waiting for my dad's loaner car to get fixed. This is why I don’t mind waiting!
Now I just need to find someone with an iron available  (mine is packed while I move) so I can assemble the last heart. Then it's the blanket stitching around both of the stitched hearts and attaching everything together. I can't wait to complete this gorgeous project!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Annual Stitching Retreat Summary

This past weekend was wonderful! It was the annual A Stitcher's Garden retreat, and it was well run as always. Jan, Jackie, Gail, and Amber bent over backwards to make the retreat fun for everyone. Beth from Summer House Stitche Workes brought a project that was perfect for the event and had some new techniques for me to learn. And the ladies had a local woman, Lisa, in to teach us how to make a scrapbook that coordinates with the retreat project.
This was the scrapbook kit from Friday evening.
The inner pages assembled after painting the sheets with scrapbooking ink.
The assembled journal :). It is lovely!

Then, of course, there is the retreat stitching project kit and assembly...
And...the stash enhancements...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Upcoming Fun!

It's almost time for the annual stitching retreat held by Jan at A Stitcher's Garden! I am getting excited about this year's project which looks amazing. I am in the process of trying to sell my home, so all of my stitching equipment is packed and sitting at my friend John's house. I am hoping I will be able to unearth my light, scissors and needles for the retreat. Although, if I can't find them I guess I will just have to buy new ones, ooooh well!

Over the winter this year I have been mostly knitting hats for friends. 
Sorry about the creepy eyes. I'm not so much a captain of the selfie.

Other than that I haven't been able to craft much because I have been focusing on work and learning to dogsled with bloodhounds:

HAPPY STITCHING (or whatever it is you enjoy)!!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Small Finish, Purchase and Nova Progress

I've been able to find some time to myself over the last couple of weeks to get some stitching done. It's been quite relaxing and, as it happens, necessary for me to unwind a bit. I have made some progress on my large project "Nova":
I was also able to finish a little project that was a stitching retreat freebie:
I started working on another little freebie and have gotten a good way into it, but no photos of that as of yet!

I also found this fun pattern on pinterest about a week ago and just couldn't resist getting it:
I was laughing as I bought it because I had recently seen a post on facebook from a friend that said something like "I believe all crafters actually have two separate hobbies: completeing the crafts and buying the materials"... so true, so true!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Vacation Time Means Stitching Time

I am on vacation!! I have a whole week off work and do not feel any obligation to do any particular thing. So I have pulled out a project that I started in, I think, 2009 and have been stitching away...oh happy days!! This one is called Nova and is an amazing canvaswork project.
So afr this week I completed the 8 squares in the right column from the dark blue one with the details that look like little wrenches straight down to the one in row 11 which looks like a checkerboard. This is actually rotated and the right-most column is actually the third row down in the the event you are also looking at the model image. I have completed a couple more squares in the 4th row down of the main chart...future photo to come. There are something like 396 squares in the project and I think I have 57 completed. So that's just over 14% done. One square at a time...

I also have a little travel project I have been working on called Time by Elizabeth's Designs. It's a cute little freebie that I got from one of the stitching retreats as a prize. The project is a delightful mix of cross stitch and satin stitches. I figure I'll just post the finish when I get there since it's such a dinker.

Also this week I might take some time to clean my WIPs piles so I can figure out what needs to be completed...or I might just work on the projects and figure that finishing them might effectiely result in a clean up. Somehow over the past couple of years I started squirreling things that are not craft related in my craft cabinet --- GASP!!! The only solution is to glare at it all for some time and determine if I should do something about it or shrug and have a drink...probably #2.

Happy stitching!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Two Finishes and a WIP

Well I have been able to find some time to stitch now that school is over. I was able to finish the pattern from the recent stitching retreat. Now I just need to find the time to assemble the bag:
Then I finished a little project that has been a WIP since at least 2013. Sadly it only took about 1.5 days of intermittent stitching to finish even with some disassembly in order to customize it a bit:
Finally, I have picked up the Bramble and the Rose and started working on it again. It's a really relaxing project to work on. Since I don't need to worry about changing colors at all it allows me to engage in a form of meditation while I am working on it. It rea`lly pulled my weekend together for me!
I'm looking forward to working on this one more in the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll start seeing some progress towards my stitching goals for the year (which really is mostly just tostitch a bunch and maybe finish a few projects).