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Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally - photos!

This morning I remembered to get photos of most of the project that have seen progress lately.

I discovered that one of my exchange partners posted that she had received my project. This is the one I sent out for the Fair and Squares autumn exchange at the end of September.
I'm expecting another project to be posted soon as received. A third is getting dropped in the mail tomorrow. Only one more exchange to go before the end of the year. I have everything staged for that and am hoping to get it done by the middle of November.

Last night I discovered that I have gotten a little out of control with the projects I'm working on:
Mystery Stitch Along with the LJ cross_stitch community: I just received issue #4 - no photo yet
Nova: a brutal canvas work - no progress since my last photo
Free-bee from La-D-Da: again no progress since the last update
Christmas Angel: I do believe this has dropped into a UFO
St Petersburg: another UFO. It's haunting me!
Autumnal Abstract: I'm trying to get in at least a few hours every week on this one
Winter Friends: a couple of patterns I'm planning to make for x-mas gift - so no photos :-)
Sunny Day Cat: this one I started last night just to make my life a little crazier!
X-mas Exchange: previously mentioned ;-).

Tonight I have some updating to do around my various web places, then I'm hoping to either get the MSAL #4 issue done or get a bunch more done on the cat. I'd like to get that one done so I can hang it in the guest bedroom soon. Tomorrow I have to take the day off for a dr appointment, so I'll be able to spend a lot of the day stitching - YAY!

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