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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Current WIPs

I was going to post where I am on a few projects yesterday, but I ended up having to run out the door to go work with my dog on his tracking. Later in the day we were off to eat lunch with my dad and my husband's mom. The other two parental units were off doing things. We enjoyed some Thai bone soup and yummy sandwiches. It was a good day.

So onto the WIPs...
I haven't made too much progress on the Abstract. I added a bit under the leaf, next to the dark teal section. I'm hoping to work on that one a bit more today. I finally have some free time at the house to relax and stitch a bit.
I've also been working on a Mystery Stitch ALong (MSAL) that is going on over at the Live Journal Cross Stitch community. I've gotten parts 1 & 2 completed of 6. I'm stitching this on Silkweavers Tutti Fruiti. I'm really enjoying this proejct.
I have the La-D-Da Free-bee project going also. I work on this when I'm travelling or sitting in front of the TV (not very often). It might take me a while to work through. I wonder what I'll do with it when I'm finished. But there are still more WIPs (this might be getting a bit out of control)!
I'm also working on a canvaswork project called Nova. This is what it will look like when it's done: clicky. It's a quilt replica with each 12x12 square having different types of stitches. There are 396 different squares in the project. Only 387 left to go - YIPE! Today I got the October Quaker Square almost finished. That's another one I'm planning to work on today. I'll hopefully get to some of the projects that are waiting to be finished too.

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