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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Littles

I had a fun weekend. I was able to finish my little snowman ornament project on Saturday while I was hanging out at a family reunion. That crew does a lot of art projects, so it's not considered rude to sit in a corner and stitch while chatting. I love how he ended up!

I also spent some time at the reunion cutting up scrap pieces of mat board my MIL had lying around so I could finish some of the minis and exchange projects I have laying around. I was able to get two of those into a finished state over the weekend. I'm thinking I can do a few more of those tonight.

After I wrapped those up I worked on the awards for the stitching olympics. I was able to get all three done while watching swimming, water polo, beach volleyball and basketball :-). I completely messed up counting on the silver medal and ended up pulling about half of it ot make the correction. *sigh*.

Hopefully there will be more to come soon! The weather has been very conducive to stitching lately!

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