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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crazy Busy Weekend

After spending most of July running around the country, I finally had a weekend at the house to catch up on all the work that was languishing. In between separating the vegetables from the weeds in the garden, making firewood an apple tree that was blow down in our trail, cleaning the basement, and making a new crate cover for my dog, I was able to get a bit of stitching in.

Yesterday I was able to finish the August Quaker Square. After being so late on the July square I was super motivated to get August done just in case something came up. I started it Friday during my stitching group. During that session I was able to finish the entire outer ring and lettering. The middle was finished up in a couple of sessions during the day Saturday and in the evening while I listened to Hop Along Cassidy on Old Time Radio. I love stitching to the Old Time Radio show "Where pictures are always better in your theater of the mind" ;-).

After I wrapped that project up I was trying to decide what to do next and ended up opting for cleaning out my stitching bag by starting another project rather that pulling out one of my WIPs. So predictable!

I was planning to work on my snowman ornament over 2 on 32 count. But when I pulled out the fabric scrap I had set aside I realized it was 28 count so I opted for stitching over 1 rather than getting up to search for bits and pieces. Anyhow the point of this project was stash reduction. I'm really liking how the little guys is turning out. There are a couple of trees, some birds and a moon left to stitch.

My next big around the house project: put away the growing pile of stashy things that are accumulating in my stitching room!

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