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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun Motif

This morning I decided my ort container needed some decoration, so I stitched up one of the motifs from Ink Circles' Garden Stars.

Now I want to find a bunch of other things that need a little zest added. This was a blast to stitch up. I used silk for the green and cotton for the purple and yellow. I decided to use 32 count over two with only one strand of floss to give it a more classic cross stitched look.


Cyndi said...

I want to see your ort container! I bet it's prettier than my mason jars.

Jenn Entropy said...

lol - I use a mason jar too. I used to just toss the contents when I filled it. I like your idea of saving the left overs for stuffing! I'll post a photo of it soon. :-)