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Monday, August 18, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

The Olympics are being good to me. I'm not usually a TV watcher, but I stop in to see what's up while DH has the competitions on every so often. At this point I've just left a pile of my ornament series in his office (that's where the only TV in the house hangs out). I work on them while I'm sitting.

This weekend I was able to whomp out the rest of the "2 Turtle Doves" ornament that I started months ago. I had part of the 2 started, about 1/2 of the border and one of the birds.

Once I got through that one I was inspired to do the "3 French Hens" also. That one went far faster than I expected.

I'd rather be working on the Autumnal Abstract, but these are far better for the setup he has in his office (no tables). I was thrilled to get a little itty-bit of stitching done this morning on the Abstract. Tonight I've been freed up from dog commitments, so I'm planning to get more time in on that - although I do need to get a bike ride in!

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