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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Mailing Day

Ooh I got the round 8 squares from Laura M in the mail yesterday:

Pretty nifty!! I'm thinking that I'll turn this little cutie into a change purse. I better get on it soon because I'll be heading to the fair this weekend and it would be perfect for carrying around the money I'll need there.

Also... last night I got a few more sections done on the Autumnal Abstract. Sadly, no batteries in my camera (I've been using the scanner at work for my finish pics) until DH's new job starts (soon!). So here's a little teaser pic of what it's going to look like when it's done. I've been working in the upper left quadrant from the column of Ss over. Last night I finished the orange triangle in the left central area and a good portion of the scroll. Tonight I'm planning to finish the scroll and the blue stripe behind it.

1 comment:

Cyndi said...

Hey Jenn, it's Cyndi, your partner for Halloween/F&S. I LOVE the abstract - just saw the kit in a catalog that came in the mail yesterday. Who's the designer? Email me at cholmaneee at uia dot net and let me know your snail mail address and then I can send you mine.