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Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Workout

This weekend I was able to accomplish a stunning amount on my projects. The previous post detailed the start on my Willie Whippet and the finish of the stocking.

On Sunday I concentrated on Willie. I shocked myself with the amount I ended up completing. I need to stop by a store today to get the four missing colors so I can back fill the missing stitches on the nose. I hope I can finish this quickly! It's starting to look like Willie already :-).

I took a little break from Willie to go for a short bike ride. I also worked on the Log Cabin canvas project I started a week or so ago. That's going to be something I work on every so often. I can just tell. It goes quickly though since it's a canvas project. I love the textures of the different fibers.

I also put together a few more projects with fabric. I should update my kits page with those soon. I'm starting to add the patterns I have laying about the house on the new patterns inventory page. I still haven't quite figured out the way I'd like to organize those; I'm sure something will work itself out. I have a scary (to me) number of projects I want to work on. Baby steps though! I can only work on one at a time, even if I have six or eight started.

Not I just need to figure out when I'm going to take some vacation so I can sit around the house and stitch for a week. Aaaaah!

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