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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Missing My Couch and a Contest

It's a boring day at work today. Days like this I'd almost rather not get paid and just hang out on my couch stitching. But who knows when a crisis will need my attention ;-). I should have brought a project with me. Not that stitching here wouldn't be unseemly.

While I was wandering around the stitching-net today I found a contest at Stitch Pink. The Stitch Pink blog is raising awareness of breast cancer screening. Remember, if you have boobs you should get screened - even boy people get breast cancer.

I'm planning to work on the santa stocking tonight after Ellie and I fail our doggy obedience test. I really don't have that much more to do on it. I just can't seem to find the focus to get it done. When I finish this one I'll have to figure out how to work in the one for me. I picked Robert's Stocking for mine because Santa is wearing skates - and he's green. I love green.

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