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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stocking is Done!

I finished DH's stocking! I was able to put in the last stitch yesterday about 5 minutes before we were headed out the door to go to the LNS. Now I need to get mine done (after I get through a few other projects) and get them both finished in time for the holidays. Could be tight - these things take time!

I stopped by the shop yesterday for the Stitcher's Reception for the annual show. There weren't too many people there so I sat down and stitched a bit. I also picked up a couple of cute new patterns and some silk threads for the Bristol Fashion sampler I'm hoping to work on soon (Long Dog Samplers). I couldn't help myself. It appears I have a bit of an addiction ;-).

DH picked me up from the shop and we headed to my in-laws for dinner with our grandparents. On the way an SUV almost cleaned my poor little Honda's clock when I slowed to make the left turn up the hill and he was dazzled by the dirt-bike stylings of the kids next to the road. Fortunately I was on my toes and crept forward and into the other lane just enough to let him get around my right and the oncoming pickup to get around my left. Meanwhile DH got out "Dude?!" before he realized what was going on - wheeee! Nothing a little turkey won't cure :-d.

This morning I made some progress on the Willie Whippet design I created for one of the women in my dog club. I forgot to pick up the four missing colors, so there are a few holes I'll need to go back and fill on Willie's nose. I'm pleased with the progress I've made so far. I really needed a break after the few hours that I've put in today, so I hit up the housework a little and am hoping to get some of the patterns I have inventoried. This is one exciting life I lead!

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