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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stashy Day

Yesterday I received my Nordic Needle order in the mail :-). Last time I was perusing the catalog my eye was caught by the pretty colors and I flagged a bunch of stuff to get. And I waited and waited until I could pay for the order up front (hoorah responsibility) and them placed the order. OK maybe I wasn't so responsible because next month I don't know what our cash flow situation is going to be. But at least I'll have some projects to work on to keep myself busy while I panhandle.

I also made some more progress on the Willie Whippet project last night and today. It was minimal, but still progress. I'm feeling good about the stitching. This stuff is too fun.


Shelley said...

Lucky you! I love Nova. And Ink Circles. And Carrie's Threads! *laughs*

Thanks for letting me live vicariously - I'm on a two month stash diet and I'm dying... (Of course, it probaby should be much longer, but two months is what I promised myself in order to take one at all.)

Jenn Entropy said...

Egads I need to go on a stash diet in a big way! I'm stressing myself out with all of the projects I have - I want to do all of them right NOW!! o_e