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Monday, May 19, 2008

More Than Half Done

Friday was a scramble. DH was getting ready for a bike race on Saturday and I was getting all of the papers together for one of the rides I organize. I don't think I did any stitching on Friday. I can't actually remember though.

DH and I drove over to the cycling events together with the dogs. I ended up being crammed into a pickup truck with 160lbs of dogs for most of Saturday because of rain, so I didn't get too much stitching in. I was able to work on an ornament for a bit that day.

I ended up finishing the ornament on Sunday, the big stitching day for the weekend. I spent most of the day on the Willie Whippet project and was able to make it well over the halfway mark with that project. I'm hoping to get a photo tonight so I can post that progress.

I'm really racing to get Willie finished soon since I was planning to get it to my friend last year. Also, I have a ton of projects that I really want to start on. Since I now have nine projects started I'm feeling a little guilt over not getting to all of them. I really hate starting rotations because I feel like I'm not making progress on anything!

I'm starting to put together my list of things to deal with while I'm on vacation for next week. Looking at what I have to do, I'm wondering if I'll have any time to stitch! Moving new gravel to the driveway, moving more fill to the yard, fixing the garage door, cleaning the filing cabinet, setting up the veggie garden, organizing the craft closet, inventorying my patterns, finally getting around to changing the fishes water (he's going to grow legs and attack me in my sleep at this rate)... there's just so much!!

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