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Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Progress, A Finish and Another Start

Over the weekend I go fed up with the projects I was working on and decided to do a one day project. Our coonhound ate a few of our ornaments this past season, so I decided to whip up a couple of replacements. I found these patterns in one of the magazines I have lying around. I think I might do a few more ornaments this year - they were very satisfying :-).

Since then I found some time to stop by the LNS and get a few more supplies (as if I needed more). I started on a new project just to see how I like working with some other materials. I started the Shenandoah project which is from another magazine that I had. I bought a few different skeins of Watercolors from Caron. Bill picked this skein for the project. It's coming out far better than I expected. I bought a laying tool so I could give that a shot. It's really bringing up the sheen of the silk! It's not a big project so I might be able to finish it this weekend. Although, I'm back working on the birds - I'm hoping to finish the first bird by the end of February. I can't get off on too many tangents!

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