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Monday, January 7, 2008

Tangles and Frogs

I spent a good portion of yesterday undoing the work I'd done the day before on the Quaker Odds January pattern. I discovered, when I started stitching the center of the piece, that I had offset the C by 1/2 of a stitch. All of the work I had done after that was shifted. The entire left side of the project had to come out and the bit I had done in the center. In addition I discovered that I had offset part of the Z, Y, X, and W, so those had to come out. :-(

Fortunately I was able to redo most of the work I had done and complete the first part of the center. Of course, with all of that frogging I now don't have enough in the first color to complete the piece. I'm trying to do this entire pattern with scrap threads, so I'll just have to poke through my collection to find something suitable for the inner snowflake. I might have some white floating around.

So this is where it's at for now:

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