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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ta Da... The letter B. As usual I took a less than stellar photo. I need to get my filters out so I can do a better job with them. But you get the idea ;-).
I'm enjoying samplers all of a sudden. I'm not sure why this last year has me so focused on letters. I guess it's similar to my interest in school figures in figure skating (they should never have done away with those in the olympics). It's the conventional that lets one really see someone's style and execution. Or maybe it's because I have a bunch of friends with babies now and we're all singing the alphabet song!


Suzanne said...

I love these designs and plan to stitch them as well. What threads are you using?

Jenn Entropy said...

Aren't they great! They're pretty quick too :-). I'm using the Needle Necessities silks for them. The designs in the packet with the finishing instructions are a little different from the ones that are on their website as the freebees - they use Krenik for some of the letters. I opted not to do that this time. I don't find metallics that fun to work with ;-).