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Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Push

This week I've gotten quite a bit more finished on my Abstract project. I'm very excited about the progress. I'm glad I'll be taking tomorrow off for a skating meet since my hands are getting tired. Here's where I'm at:
At least I was able to move the frame to the other half of the project. That's always a good pick-me-up :).

Yesterday I received the new Nordic Needle catalog in the mail. I shouldn't be looking in it since everything is so tempting and I overspent a bit on crafting items during the holidays. ooooh I couldn't help it. Today I brought it to work so show a couple people who have been asking about my projects. I didn't know that my coworker at the next desk was interested in stitching. It turns out that she used to do some before her kids were born and went nuts over the catalog. Yay - I'm an enabler.

I better get back to the project... happy stitching!


Suzanne said...

This is a very beautiful design.

Lelia said...

Watch out for those dangerous catalogs !!! LOL

Maybe you could put in a joint order & split the postage : )