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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June Quaker Square Finish and Other Progress

This past weekend I finished up the June Quaker Square. Halfway to the end of the year! I also put on all of the buttons for the first 6 months. In July I'll start working on a new piece of fabric. That will be a nice change. Now I have to start thinking about how I'm going to finish all of these. I hope I left enough fabric between them!

I also made more progress on the Log Cabin canvas work project. This one moves fast when I get to work on it, but I've only been doing so when I don't feel like working on the other projects I have going. I need to get it wrapped up to free up the dining room table.

I finally got motivated to work a bit more on the Art Deco Alphabet series I started. So far I've finished B, K and L (I think). I'm working on "I" now. I ended up having to pull out a chunk of work yesterday after I shifted everything over one stitch *sigh*. I'm back on track at this point and have it with me at work for lunch break stitching. This series is going to take a couple of years!

I'm starting to hoe out some of my project backlog. After I finish these two (before the end of June??!!) I'll be down to the Autumnal Abstract, the Angel and St. Petersburg. I'm thinking about ditching the Angel - just not my cup of tea. It was a project I had started for a friend and just couldn't get interested in it. So that leaves me with just 2! I'm crossing my fingers I can get back to the St. Petersburg project by July.

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