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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Heat Broke!

It's been brutally hot in the northeast for the last week. We were having temperatures 20degF over normal. The dogs were unhappy, the people were unhappy, but stitching was a good excuse to sit as still as possible! Last night the rain finally came. I felt badly because it did so much damage out west, but it was welcome here! I worked on the Log Cabin project while it was pouring because the room it's in has the best storm-viewing in the house.

I ended up getting the upper right corner finished except for the beading around the edging of the green square. I'm very happy with how this project is coming out. The borders are all Smyrna crosses so they take a little longer to work up, but they are looking incredible. I guess I should start thinking about how I'd like to finish this project. I have to stop getting things framed - there's no room left on the walls and I'm running out of $$.

I finished close to another 1/4 of the June Quaker Square, but I totally forgot to grab a picture of it. It will be done soon enough though. I'm taking the day off today to visit my parents for my mom's retirement dinner so I might be able to get a lot done while I'm chillin' with my dad before the big event. Then again, I might not ;-).

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