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Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Billion Tiny Beads...

Friday night I finished up a bead kit that I won at the spring retreat this year. I'm not sure I would normally have selected it, but there were some interesting little techniques I wanted to try out and I figured it would make a good gift for someone at some point.

The stinkin' thing took a lot longer to finish than I had expected. It felt good to get that last bead on. The thing that I always find galling about beading is that half of the damn bead end up fitting over the eye of the needle the first time through with the floss, but on the second pass they're too damn small. Now I just pull on the needle with my teeth and hope that the needle either goes through or that the bead breaks. And there you have full-contact stitching fer cryin' out loud!

I also finished another exchange project on Saturday in the bloody sweltering heat. I'm hoping I didn't sweat on it too much! OK enough on that one - pics will be posted when I mail it.

Today I wandered into the city to volunteer at my dog club's event. I dropped off my Willie Whippet project to the owner of said dog. She went ape over the picture! It was cool. Apparently I am now the owner of a new business custom stitching dog portraits. I'm going to have to think about pricing sometime around - now! I already have three people seriously interested in having their dog done. *shrug* it's fun - and I like their dogs :-).

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