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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yay my stitching exchange recipient in the UK got my package in the mail and liked it! It was a fun project to do and a new finishing technique to boot. Here's the front and back. I tied a ribbon where the hanger is tied on to complete the look ;-).
I'm about to wrap up the June Quaker Square. Six down! I'll be putting all of the little buttons on each of these six. I think I'm going to finish them as pin keeps; I haven't quite made up my mind though. If I do I'll really need to get a display cabinet in my house - I'm running out of places to store all of this stuff. What a horrid problem to have :-D.


Shadowspun said...

Ooh, cool. I like this one. Where did you find this finishing technique? I even like the ants when in RL life I stomp the little buggers as fast as I spot them. *shudder*

Oh, make sure you post pics of Autumnal Abstract. I'll stitch it voyeuristically with you. *sigh* Why can't Vervaco sell charts alone?

Thanks for posting on my blog, BTW. It's been a weird last two weeks and I haven't felt like posting. Even if I am getting some stitching done!

Jenn Entropy said...

I _finally_ found the link for the finishing technique. It's a pendibulle:
I'll post to the LJ stitching group also. ;-).

Ants entertain me. Although I'm entertained by many things that gross other people out. I think it's the biologist in me!

I'll be sure to get pics of the abstract up as I do it. I swapped out the fabric for linen. I do wish I could have just gotten the chart - I would have like to stitch it with silks, but I couldn't see getting more fibers.

Go for it on the stitching :-). I'm hoping for happiness for you!

Shadowspun said...

I just got in contact with a woman who did the pattern. She and I are trying to figure out if I can buy or trade for it. Phew!

You know, you might be right about the silks. If I get it, I'll think about trying them myself. I haven't had the nerve to try silks yet, though. Maybe something smaller before that.

Jenn Entropy said...

Awesome! If you do try the silks use shorter lengths than you use for the cotton - it loses it's sheen because of the friction. You usually only need one strand of it, and most come in 12 or 8 strand skeins. They're really not that different to use though.

Shadowspun said...

About how many skeins of each thread are you using for the kit? Silk is more expensive, so that might make a difference, especially since the woman and I have come to an acceptable price for the pattern. Yes!

Jenn Entropy said...

Yay! If you get it soon let me know - I'm not too far along on it. We could stitch-along :-).

I'm not sure how many skeins it is since it came as a kit, but I would say for the silk only get one of each. If you're starting to run out on one just be sure you have enough to finish a block and then get more. They're far enough away that I think some dye variation wouldn't make a difference.

Shadowspun said...

Too much else to do this year for a stitch-along, I'm afraid, especially since you tend to stitch at warp speed! I'm still doing sub-orbital flight. ;p

But it is paid for and if all goes well I should get it within a few weeks. I am going to try a tiny silk project first. If I feel comfortable enough, I'll start kitting it up in silks. LOL, at this point my fabric and DMC stash is so extensive I probably wouldn't have to buy anything if I did it in cottons.

*deep breath* I'm so excited.

Jenn Entropy said...

That is awesome! It's a great project. I'm so excited for you!

I have been stitching a lot lately. It's possibly my obsessive nature. I'll need to step back soon or my family might stage an intervention! I went for a bike ride over the weekend and finally remembered what it was like being outside :-).