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Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend's Work

I was goofing around on Friday with some left over fabric and thread and came up with the little pouch shown here. It was a teensy project to see how a new finishing technique might work.

After I worked on that I switched over to the birds for a little bit Friday evening and then for a good bit Saturday and Sunday. I didn't get quite as much as I wanted done because I was working on drywall in the basement. But I was able to finish the back stitching in the yellow feathers and make good progress on the last of the top 1/2 of the piece.

Sunday night I didn't feel like sitting on the couch, so I grabbed my "travel project" the Letter L from the Art Deco alphabet and got a lot more done on that. Still, it's going to take me forever to do all 26 letters. I think I'm at one finish every 3-4 months. 26 letters + 4 medallions = Jenn likely giving up at some point. But they do make excellent travel projects!

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