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Monday, February 18, 2008

Lots of Progress

Despite not posting much, I did stitch a bit over the past week. I started Bill's stocking for next year. It's a Shepherd's Bush stocking. They are gorgeous!

The project is stitched on 18 ct natural linen using #5 pearl cottons from DMC. It works up fast. I'm actually a bit further along on this than what's in the photo. I finished all of the red and white stripe body and started the arm at the top. I'm waiting to get some more work done of the birds before I do more on this because I need the frame for this one. The little one just isn't cutting it.

On valentine's day I was a jerk and still hadn't gotten anything for Bill. One of the people in the Live Journal cross stitch community posted a freebie from Dragon Dreams. I was able to work it up in a couple of hours and make a bookmark. I did this in the recommended DMC colors and on a remnant of Silkweaver's Superstition. I think it's 32 count.

I also started the next letter in the Black and White Alphabet from Dessins DHC. I'm on the Letter L. That I'm stitching on Silkweaver's Winter Sky with Week's Squash. I'm hoping to get that one done soon.

Meanwhile I did a bit more on the birds. I was able to finish back stitching all of the green feathers. I'm just about done with the yellow feathers and am hoping to get those and the leaves at the top of the piece done this week.

Also, I received a bunch more stuff for my stash. There was a sale at my LNS. That's where I picked up all the fabbys on the right. I got the two colors on the bottom from my fabric of the month club. The wools and velours at the top left are all for a project I'm hoping to start next month. I'm wating for the rest of the items to come in from Nordic Needle.

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