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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Stash Stuff and a WIP

Last night when I got home I wandered into the house, let the dogs out, fed the cats and the fish and started looking at patterns for a new project I have scheduled. DH wandered in an asked if I had seen the package from Nordic Needle when I had come home. Um, no; I would have gotten it! *rolls eyes*

I couldn't wait to get it opened. It was a number of Gentle Art and Weeks threads for a couple of samplers I have planned. Also, the remaining parts for a canvas work project that is turning out to be very difficult to get the kit together for - I'm down to one missing part (finally). I got a new laying tool because I'm a dork and dropped my last (first) one on the floor and snapped it. There was also some hardanger and mono canvas (not pictured because they're boring). Oh and the last two colors for my stocking - woohoo.

So instead of working on the birds last night and this morning I started on yet another project. It's a traditional quilt pattern adaptation to canvas work that I found in a magazine from a couple years ago. It uses mostly the same colors as the Christmas stockings so I figured I might as well get the last couple of colors and go to town. It's working up quite fast. I'm expecting I'll be able to finish it tonight while I watch the speed skating races on TV (yeah that's right - first short track races televised since the last Olympics!).

Maybe I'll work on the birds tomorrow ;-).

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