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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two More Ornaments

Amidst all of the hub-bub of my last week at work I was able to wrap up a couple more ornaments in the Erica Michaels series.

7 Swans and 8 Maids are done, which puts me at 2/3 of the way through these. I'm hoping I can get the rest done soon since I'm getting tired of stitching the border pattern over and over!

I got the first installment of the Mystery Stitch Along (MSAL) from the cross-stitch group on livejournal. I'm thinking I might be able to get that done today between some of my other chores.

Right now I'm trying to get a couple of projects finished for display because my office is getting a little out of control with papers, project and books scattered everywhere patiently waiting for my attention.

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