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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1/2 Way!

I finished up number six in the ornaments series on the 6th but was too busy to post until today. It was a good weekend. I stitched a lot (more pics soon), cleaned the house a bit, went for a bike ride and spent some time tracking with my boy dog. My side was bugging me, so I sat around more than I wanted to - but then again, that's more stitching time.

I started seven and eight in the ornament series, Free-bee from La-D-Da, my project for exchange #9 on Fair Squares and the September Quaker Square (finally). I'm hoping to be done with the exchange project today, and possibly the quaker square by the weekend. I'm not sure how much stitching I'll be doing in the next couple of weeks while I get ramped up in my new job.

In other news, there was a sale at the LNS this weekend. So I was there both Friday night for the stitch-in and for the sale. I restrained myself to only a couple of new patterns and some fibers. It was nice seeing the crew again. I kn0w I missed the last stitch-in. I might have missed the one before that. I must defnitely go in November :-).


Pikaboo said...

I hate to sound like a stalker again but are you talking about A Stitcher's Garden? I've been wanting to go to a stitch-in for awhile now but haven't managed it yet. But I was at the sale on Sunday, my kidlets were running around probably driving everybody nuts while I was shopping.

Jenn Entropy said...

lol - I know who you are. I was chatting with Gail and stitching while you were there. ;-) You should come to a stitch in! Pleased to _almost_ meet you!

Pikaboo said...

Nice to almost meet you too! I remember seeing you and thinking how nice it must be to sit outside and stitch. I'll make sure to put the next stitch in on my calender!