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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ornaments and Happy Mail Day

A couple of days ago I finally got a change to fix the boo-boo I made on the "5 Golden Rings" ornament. I had put the self-stick felt backing on the ornament before I had stitched the red borders. I wasn't sure if it was going to come off nicely, so I needed a little time to psyche myself up. It ended up not being a problem. Whew!

Yesterday I had a string of appointments that gave me a little sitting time in between so I worked on the 6th ornament in the series. That one is mostly done. I just need to pull another color of floss for it. I think I can wrap it up tonight. Then I'm halfway through them!

When I got home I found a package from Cyndi H in the mail and opened it to find these wonderful squares:Now I need to think of what I'll do with them! Maybe a magnet? Maybe a pincushion?

Also, Laura M received my squares from the Fair Squares Round #8 exchange. So I get to post them - yay!


Shadowspun said...

Hey, I'm working on the owl myself, in between about five other projects. ;p

I think I came across some of your work on another site:

Jenn Entropy said...

nifty - that own is really cool. And yup that was my work on Cyndi's site ;-). I've been so bad about reading everyone's blogs lately with the new job. I'll have to get on over to yours to see what's been shakin' :-D