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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Break Over

This past week I got back to my stitching after a little break. I needed to finish an exchange project and time has been running short on July. I was able to finish the exchange project. I can't post that photo quite yet because it hasn't been received.

I'm worried about being able to finish the Quaker Square tonight. I have work until 4:30, then a skating practice at 6. That might get rained out to some degree. I was able to finish most of the border. There are some watermelon pieces in the middle that need to be done and the corners have lettering. I think I will be able to at least finish the corners tonight. Tomorrow is my stitching group and I know I'll be able to get it done by tomorrow night. I so don't want to be late on this one and set a bad precedent for myself. I might be stitching 'til midnight tonight ;-).

I stitched an entire length of thread in the wrong direction on this one. I decided not to pull it because it's hard to tell with the dark thread and I'm thinking no one will notice but me. I'm sure I'll forget in a few years! I also lost track of my needle while working on this one. This is the first time I've lost a needle - I think I stuck it in my pin cushion, but I'm not sure. I'm freaking out because our dogs run around licking the floor (weirdos). I really hope I just put it away without realizing it and no medical crises ensue. Who though stitching could be so dangerous?

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