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Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Suprise

There hasn't been too much stitching going on for me this last week. I was thinking that I'd be able to get some little projects done since I was traveling a lot, but I was more interested in reading this time. I'm hoping I can get to the larger projects I have on my docket. I think I'm more likely going to end up sticking with the July Quaker Square and an exchange project. I think the July heat is just not something I like to stitch in. Since we don't have air conditioning at our house I feel just yucky enough that I don't want to touch the fabric and get it all sweaty :-P.

After I got back from my travels across the US and a speedskating camp near my parents house (ooh my legs are tired and sore) I found a package waiting for me from my x-s exchange partner on livejournal. It's beautiful:

The project spy-isis completed is a photo album with a wasp on the cover. It was a summer themed project. I think she perfectly captured the season with the gingham fabric and the wasp! I can't wait to get some summer photos into it!

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