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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good Health!

I started a little palate cleanser of a project in the car on the way back from Canada over the weekend. Last night I took a little time while I was outside chillin' with the dogs to finish it off. I'm planning to make it as an insert panel in a wine cozy for some friends of ours. It's looking like July might be a month of working on finishing all of my projects.
After doggy dinner and some playtime outside, I worked on the Autumnal Abstract for a bit. It was really nice sitting down to listen to Old Time Radio. Aahhhh!


Shadowspun said...

Very pretty. Where'd you get the pattern from?

Oh, I got the pattern for Autumnal Abstract yesterday. There's no way I'm doing it on 25 count. It's going to be done on 16/32 count. It comes out to about 10 by 14. That should also help reduce the cost when it comes to the silks. Yes, I am going to do it in silk. I just have to order some first to practice on a small piece. I figure a nice variegated green to do a biscornu or two to get my footing with it.

Jenn Entropy said...

Thanks - that one is from The Sunflower Seed. It's one of the patterns I won at the stitching retreat I went to this year. It was so quick!

Yay! You got the pattern :-). Does the one you have list the DMC colors in the key? Mine just lists the color numbers on the card that came with the kit. If you need me to I can snip a bit of each of the colors so you can use them for color matching. Just let me know :-).