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Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Quaker Square

I got a late start on this month's quaker square due to all of the side projects I've been working on. Last night I started around 7:30pm or so. I was able to finish the project up this morning. Unfortuantely I had just enough thread to get the square done, not one bit more. I was hoping to get"MAR" into the center area. This is one of the few in the series that doesn't have month name somewhere in the pattern. I have another shade of green that I might be able to use. I'll need to see how I feel about it after I let it sit for a while.

I've finished up most of the other projects around the house that I was planning today. I think I can safely work on the Letter L for a bit before I ride my bike. Although I might try to clean up my project area so we can wash the couch slip cover. Ooh responsibility :-(

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