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Thursday, March 13, 2008


I stopped by my LNS on Tuesday while I was in the city to drop off a bunch of stitching for framing. I grabbed everything that was sitting in my office except the completed letters in that series (they'll all get framed together).

I had 4 large projects that I wanted to have them frame and a few other little ones floating around that I'll end up framing myself. After specing out the 4 frames and grabbing 3 stock frames for the others I was out $270, with somewhere on the order of $165 balance for the custom framing. My heart was a-flutter! But... It was a ton less expensive than getting them framed through one of those stores and I know who is going to be doing the framing.

Tonight I need to stop at a craft store on the way home to pick up some finishing materials so I can get the last of these framed and a couple of other projects put together. I guess I'm starting my spring cleaning early!

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