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Wednesday, September 5, 2018


I completed a project beginning to end without letting it sit for three years! Today I finished Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek Samplers. It was a fun little project and definitely helped me through the long hours stuck healing post-surgery. I will be back to work on Monday and feel good having finally made something with my own hands!
A few nights ago a couple of my dogs had a fight and the adrenaline rush prevented me from getting much sleep. So instead I cleaned out my stitching cabinet and rearranged my kits and WIPs. I was a little disturbed to discover that I have 15 pair of embroidery scissors. I also have two scissor fobs that do not have, oh no!! I also moved all of my kits to my stitching box in the living room so I can just pull one out when it's time to work on the next project. Then all of the WIPs were moved to a bag...a -large- bag. There is also a small (thankfully) pile of things that I don't quite yet know where to place. Ah, the odds n ends!

Currently my WIPs include:

I have been working on "D" from Black & White on and off between other things. I'm hoping I can make some headway on that project this year. It's a great travelling project since each letter is just one color. So far I think I have 8 of the letters done with "D" being the 9th. I have a ways to go with that one for sure. 

I have to admit I was surprised to see how many projects I had open...and all of them are absolutely delightful!

And, of course, I had to accompany my friend Anna to A Stitcher's Garden again a couple days ago. As if my money and I don't already part too easily! I was good and got only one item...
This project is from Little House Needleworks. I am very much looking forward to completing this project sometime between now and the end of times!

Anna and I also stopped by Michael's to pick up some frames and other random project bits. While I was there I found a lovely book on hand quilting which has patterns for all of the traditional quilt blocks and a straightforward description of how to bind a quilt! The Handmade Quilt by Carolyn Forster.
I'm looking forward to being back at work next week, but I will definitly miss the ability to stitch when the mood takes me! 

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