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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Christmas and Not Even July!

Yay! I got my sewing machine working, bought some thread and figured out how to assemble my Christmas stockings! I need to tack the cuffs down - but I'll be doing that in the car today. I can't believe I got those finished :-).
I have another project I want to finish, but I don't think I'm going to be able to get to it this week. Maybe the next one? Maybe next year. Still, I have assembled almost all of the projects that were sitting around. Now I just need to finish a few more!

I went through my various piles this past week in an attempt to try to get things a little more organized. I've been experiencing project creep around the house. I discovered that I'm likely not going to have enough floss to finish my Free-Bee project. I'll need to figure out how I want to deal with that one. I also pulled out the letter "T" that I've been slowly getting started on and made some great progress on it.

I'm thinking about stopping by the shop today to pick up some more floss for the letters. They're good for travel projects. I only have 21 of them left to go ;-).

While we were watching movies last night I made some excellent progress on my hardanger teacups project. This one is moving fast! I just need to spend a little more time watching TV I guess!

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