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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Day EVER!

Well if it's not the best day ever, it's pretty darn close! I went to work this morning to discover that a worm had infected our network and my computer was a victim. After about a 1/2 hour I asked my boss if I could bug out since there was absolutely nothing I could do - and I got the OK :-). So home I went to finish assembling this....
I'm thrilled with how it came out! There is a magnetic hook inside the top of the bag to keep it closed. I'm planning to stitch a couple of the motifs from the bag and make some little dangling charm sort of things to hang off the strap, but I'm not sure when I'll be getting to those.

The following pic shows the lining of the bag...I can't wait to start using it. I think I'll have to wait until after the county and state fairs as I would like to enter it in those and see how it does. I'm so excited about it!!

Last night I was able to finish off another one of the letter squares I've been working on. Now I have five finished and _only_ 21 left to go. I'm trying to decide if I want to do the four random designs that go with the letters series or not. Such difficult decision I face! Here's the Letter "T":I'm really happy with this one. Now that I'm home for the day I'm expecting to spend a little time working on the "Nova" canvas work project. Also, I'm trying to decide how to organize my fabric again.


Jenn Entropy said...

ok this day was an awesome day, but it was trumped by yesterday when I got my new custom speedskates. How cool is it that I had an even better day than a previously "Best Day Ever" day? :-)

Shadowspun said...

Jenn, you just rock. I love the bag.