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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Bit More Retreat...

I just realized that I hadn't gotten around to finishing my updates on the retreat. It's been so busy here as I transition sports seasons. Also, the weather has been _awesome_ so I've been taking every opportunity to get out on my bicycle.

First off, here's the required stash shot...
I didn't quite get as much stuff as last year. During that retreat I won one of the baskets and was so loaded down! I don't mind getting a bit less. I have so many projects to work on already. The floss and fabric was awesome! The little charts are a hoot. I'll be making a few of those up for some friends and family while I'm in the car and on trains, etc.

I also got a shot of all of the completed bunnies from the needle felting class on the first day. They're pretty adorable. Mine is the one just to the right of the dark brown bunny. He has the curled ears. :-) The retreat sampler, which was given as a prize, is in the back. Betsy did a wonderful job designing and stitching it!
And then there is the group shot! We were 19 strong. There were two teachers, one assistant, a shop owner and a gaggle (or maybe a giggle?) of stitchers. We had an awesome time!

Don't worry -there's more to come. I have one of the projects finished. I just need to attend to some stash organization.

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