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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Break Over

This past week I got back to my stitching after a little break. I needed to finish an exchange project and time has been running short on July. I was able to finish the exchange project. I can't post that photo quite yet because it hasn't been received.

I'm worried about being able to finish the Quaker Square tonight. I have work until 4:30, then a skating practice at 6. That might get rained out to some degree. I was able to finish most of the border. There are some watermelon pieces in the middle that need to be done and the corners have lettering. I think I will be able to at least finish the corners tonight. Tomorrow is my stitching group and I know I'll be able to get it done by tomorrow night. I so don't want to be late on this one and set a bad precedent for myself. I might be stitching 'til midnight tonight ;-).

I stitched an entire length of thread in the wrong direction on this one. I decided not to pull it because it's hard to tell with the dark thread and I'm thinking no one will notice but me. I'm sure I'll forget in a few years! I also lost track of my needle while working on this one. This is the first time I've lost a needle - I think I stuck it in my pin cushion, but I'm not sure. I'm freaking out because our dogs run around licking the floor (weirdos). I really hope I just put it away without realizing it and no medical crises ensue. Who though stitching could be so dangerous?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Slow July

Yesterday I received my entry tags for the projects I'm going to put into the NY State Fair this year. I'm not sure how I'll do; I've never entered any of my stitching projects. But after getting second place in the Silkweaver Showcase this past year I figured I'd give it a shot. This competition judges on techniques as well as look. I'd really like to get some good comments back either way - it's so hard to get a feel for how my technique is so I can make improvements.

This has been a slow month for me and stitching. I think I needed a break due to the high volume of work I've been doing. I also have had more commitments this month than usual.

I've started working on my next exchange project that is due on the 11th of Aug. I'm hoping to have that done today so I can get started on the July Quaker Square. I'm concerned that I won't be able to finish that by the end of the month because of doggy classes. After I get some 'puter stuff dome this morning I'm planning to devote the rest of the day to my stitching and a bike ride.

I'm thinking I should ramp down a little in July and August to give myself a good mental break. I have some reading to catch up on!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Suprise

There hasn't been too much stitching going on for me this last week. I was thinking that I'd be able to get some little projects done since I was traveling a lot, but I was more interested in reading this time. I'm hoping I can get to the larger projects I have on my docket. I think I'm more likely going to end up sticking with the July Quaker Square and an exchange project. I think the July heat is just not something I like to stitch in. Since we don't have air conditioning at our house I feel just yucky enough that I don't want to touch the fabric and get it all sweaty :-P.

After I got back from my travels across the US and a speedskating camp near my parents house (ooh my legs are tired and sore) I found a package waiting for me from my x-s exchange partner on livejournal. It's beautiful:

The project spy-isis completed is a photo album with a wasp on the cover. It was a summer themed project. I think she perfectly captured the season with the gingham fabric and the wasp! I can't wait to get some summer photos into it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The BAP is Back!

Over the holiday weekend I was able to get back to work on St Petersburg! It's been months since I last had this one out. I was able to clear a lot of the little project I had floating around out of my queue so I could focus on this one. It's something that takes a long time to set up and take down, so it's easy to just grab one of my other projects instead.
As of this morning I have installments 1-4 completely finished. Installment 6 is done, except for the beads. The large yellow buildings are from installment 5. The other buildings are from 8. I'm hoping to complete everything except the beading on 5 & 8 before the Olympics begin. At that point I can, hopefully, finish the beading before I have to go to the next size larger frame to work on sections 7, 9 and 10. Those are all of the inner sections. 11 and 12 are the border.

It's shocking how much more I have to go on this! It's an adventure to be sure - I just hope I'm doing it justice with my stitching.

I also was able to get a bit more completed on the Autumnal Abstract on Friday. That was my focus for the day between cleaning, napping, reading, riding my bike and playing with the dogs. I'm very happy with how this one is coming out!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good Health!

I started a little palate cleanser of a project in the car on the way back from Canada over the weekend. Last night I took a little time while I was outside chillin' with the dogs to finish it off. I'm planning to make it as an insert panel in a wine cozy for some friends of ours. It's looking like July might be a month of working on finishing all of my projects.
After doggy dinner and some playtime outside, I worked on the Autumnal Abstract for a bit. It was really nice sitting down to listen to Old Time Radio. Aahhhh!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Finish, A Gift, 1/2 Way Done...

I was in a huge hurry to get home last night so I could finish up the Log Cabin project. It ended up being a longer trip that I expected. First, the people I commute home with decided that we should all stop to pick strawberries. I couldn't refuse - there's only a few days left in the season and YUM!

Then to the bank to pay the mortgage and back to the house an hour after I expected to be there. When I walked in the door there was a package waiting for me on the counter. I had to opening and lo:
I received my Celebrate Summer exchange squares from Heather M. I spent some time thinking about how I could finish them and, instead of working on my project, decided that I needed to think about the squares while celebrating summer in the garden.

I haven't seen the garden in a week of rain. Damn it, somehow vegetables started growing in my weed bed! It was crazy. Two hours later I was found standing in the kitchen covered in mud with 10 pounds of radishes that I was luck to save from the slugs. The weeds were beaten back, but not likely subdued. Another hour of scrubbing and cutting got most of the slug juice off my hands. I finally said to myself, "Myself, we need to get this project done!" So I found my nail brush and went to town to get the last of the dirt off. I ended up giving that up as a lost cause, deciding that the dirt is there permanently and finished the project...
I couldn't be happier with how this came out! The outer border is a row of Smyrna crosses in Brown Paper packages Silk and Ivory wool. Just inside of that are Mill Hill beads attached with Rainbow Gallery Silk Grandeur. Each block is the Smyrna crosses, then a square of Kreinik Treasure Braid, then a square of Needle Necessities Shadowdyed Velour, a square of Rainbow Gallery Silk Grandeur and the inner blocks are the wool.

Not a bad finish to the first half of 2008! Next on my plate: I need to get through the July Quaker Square, do a couple of squares for the Fair & Square exchange, put in some time on Autumnal Abstract and get back to St. Petersburg!