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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Vacation...Keeping my Hands Busy

I have been on vaction this week. It has been my first vacation since sometime in the last decade where there was no plan to do something specific. No spending the week painting a new house, no trip with a bunch of people I am only moderately interested in spending time with, and no sporting event. This time I spent the first week sitting around my house and now will spend the next few days visting Maine to see if I can spot a moose. That isn't to say that I have been sitting here doing nothing. I have been going to PT for my shoulder, running errands, puttering around the house cleaning and organizing, and taking care of all the stuff that piles up when you are busy driving back and forth to that job thing. I am so excited that I finally feel like I have some control over my home space. Yes!

Meanwhile, it hasn't been all cleaning, errands, and painful arm exercises. I have been able to stitch!!!! I was able to spend a day hanging out at the stitching shop with Gail and Pat and friends from the local stitching retreats. I bought more floss. I have been bringing my stitching everywhere and spending my free time stitching. I even fnished some projects.
On the 22nd I finished the letter "D" in the art deco Dessins DHC series "Black & White". On the 23rd I started letter "A" and can't believe the progress I have made:
This is stitched on a Lugana 32 count Silkweaver solo in Weeks Dye Works "Eggplant".

Gail was awesome and let me have some of her left over fabric from the March stitching retreat. My dog ate the last piece of the project I was working on back in the spring. With my move and all of the upheaval I have had this summer with classes and work I wasn't able to catch up with her. But this week I was able to get the tiny tiny piece of fabric and finish the pin cushion for the project:
It only took a couple hours from beginning to end. What a satisfying project! The completed pieces from the retreat look amazing together:
Only a few days left to power through some stitching, then it's back to studying, working and PT. But maybe with a bit more balance?

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