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Friday, November 16, 2018

Winter is Here!

Last night winter came on strong. I went to bed with a few flakes in the air and woke up this morning with eight inches of snow and a few flakes running through it:
The dogs were having a great time running through the snow. I get the feeling we will lose most of this over the next day since it is predicted to rain, but I definitely enjoyed the winter wonderland. One of my neighbors was kind enough to clear my driveway with his snowblower as I still can't quite shovel due to my shoulder injury. Soon I should be back to doing all of the things I need to with both arms functioning.

In the mean time I still have been able to get some stitching time in. This week I completed the letter A in Black & White. I love how the shading in the stitching came out. I used Week's Dye Works Eggplant on a Silkweaver solo.
I have the letter R ready to go. But I made myself a promise that for every two letters I could work on another project. I started Thy Needle from The Primitive Needle (tribute to this delighful designer here). I have been meaning to work on this cute little project for years. I just have a bit done, but it is really coming together:
Next week the holiday season officially begins with my trip to Boston for Thanksgiving. Then I will be back to studying for a bit as I have some certification exams to address. But my projects will always be there for me!

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