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Monday, August 27, 2018

Some Finishes and A New Purchase

I freaking finished something!! So excited!

I was sitting at my friend's booth (Chickadee Homestead) at the NYS Fair all weekend and what else is there to do but stitch and chat??!! So I was able to apply the finishing touches to my "Wicked Doll" project from the 2017 A Stitcher's Garden stitching retreat...
Pretty much I applied the edging and hanger. I love how it takes 2 years to get to such things. I think the work maybe took 45 minutes?

I also spent a lot of time working on my "Yei" project which was a gift from my mum when she went to (I think) the Grand Canyon. It is a simple yet delightful project. I decided to just stitch it on the Aida it came with rather than switching to linen since it's a full coverage project. I haven't decided how I will be finishing it, maybe a pillow or a wall hanging. It might live in my box of completed projects for a while waiting to tell me it needs to live in someone's home.

Oddly, I had a project along with me as an extra little "well if I finish everything else I will work on this" and it turns out it was already done but never posted. It's an adorable cat. I think it shall become a pin cushion...
I found some delightful fabric for backing. I think I would rather use my new machine to sew it together than to hand sew it, so finishing will have to wait until I can use my arm to a greater extent. My surgical site is healing well, but 4 more weeks of passive range-of-motion, so no machine sewing, only holding. This is a sad turn of events because I just picked up a brand new sewing machine!!! It's the Baby Lock "Jane". I was able to get the floor model from my local quilting shop (Calico Gals) because they are bringing in newer models. This was a huge stroke of luck because there is no way I would have been able to afford this delightful industrial-strength machine otherwise. Now I can sew quilts, cross stitch finishes and CAMPING GEAR!!!

Menawhile, I have a pile of found WIPs to keep mye busy for the rest of the week... do I go back to my orange project? Season of the Trees? Black & White? It's going to be a difficult decision. I do so hope I am able to finish a few more in the next few weeks!

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