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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Retreat Finish and Back to the Bramble

On June 3rd I finished the needle keep from this year's stitching retreat. I would still like to finish the pin cushion, but I have to wait to get a piece of the matching fabric from my friend Gail. I accidentally cut through the piece I had. Oops!

The needle keep was definitely a fun project and I learned a great new (easy) finishing technique. I guess I can make all sorts of things now which require structure. The front and the back of the peice came out great:

When it is folded up only the stitched parts are visible:

And this is a picture of it as it is folded:

Meanwhile not much other stitching has gotten accomplished while I settle into my new home, attempt to sell my previous home, take classes for a certification, and do that job thing. This weekend I was able to find some time to myself and took the opportunity to pull out a long-time WIP:

Unfortunately I found an error with the decorative flower on the upper right section and just spent a couple of hours ripping. But, now I am ready to press on! At least I have a dog and cat hair free zone to stitch in my new place. I won't have to worry about the dogs trying to lick the procject or wander off with it!

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