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Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Knitting

I found some great fibers when I was in Canada last year. One of them was this odd velour-ish kind of texture. I picked up a patter to knit using it that had a lace style to it. I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but it worked out beautifully:
I love how it came out and passed it onto a friend as a gift. The only thing I'm disappointed with in this fiber is that it snaps quite easily because it isn't very elastic.

I'm thrilled that I have a computer at home again with internet access and a new camera. I'm hoping to find a little time this weekend to go through my place and get photos of my WIPs and various things in states of being finished.

I've been working on a sewing machine craft to sell. I'm hoping to get that all finished in the next week or two so I can bring my little items with me to dog shows and other venues this spring. I'll post photos of that when it's ready to unveil.

I'm getting ready for this year's stitcher's retreat with my local shop. I got my name tag kit earlier this year and had been sitting on it for a while waiting for inspiration. The theme this year is Oceanside Tranquility. Last weekend my idea came to me. I had it charted and stitched in an afternoon :-). Now I'm waiting for my next thought bubble to decide how I want to finish it. A couple of years ago I copped out pretty badly on the name tag and it's been weighing on me badly since then. I'm amazed with the ideas people come up with - they're so gorgeous!!

Time for me to roll another yarn ball before hitting the pillow for the evening - happy stitching!

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