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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stitching Retreat Introduction Day

Today was the first day of the stitching retreat. There are a lot of people this year. I think more than either last year or the year before. The theme is Reflections of Americana. Jan and the retreat committee are shaking things up a bit. We're going to wait to vote on peoples' name tag designs until tomorrow. I was planning to post mine tonight, but I discovered after I got home that the photo I took in January was lost in the horrid death of my memory stick, so I'll have to remember to get a photo of it tomorrow and post it then. The name tags being displayed were rather impressive!!

We did a little meet and greet game where we had to tell 2 true things and 1 false thing about ourselves. Some of them were really tough and the true facts were astonishing. I had the following for mine (which were moderately interesting):
  1. I have 2 girl cats with boy names
  2. I went to Germany in 5th grade
  3. I'm missing a bone in my foot
Well, I'll just leave you to ponder that. We met the designers for the classes and got to scope their trunk shows. Cheesecake was served (yum) and great, silly conversations occurred.

We had a little mini class tonight. I made good progress on the Garden Sampler project they handed out - photos to follow on that too. I also was able, between last night and tonight, to completely finish the A/B page in my sampler book project and get the C/D finishing stitching started. So I was feeling pretty great about all that.

Tomorrow we'll be doing a class in the morning, lunch, a round robin after lunch, some free stitching/shopping and some evening fun activities. I'm looking forward to being there and should get to bed soon. However, I should share my most recent finish... the E in my Sampler Book project:

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